Friday, April 13, 2012

Pin This!- Medium Length Hairstyles

In 2007 after going through my own personal Cancer scare (and it was a scare, thank goodness) I chopped 10" off my hair and donated it to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths who use the donated hair to make wigs for women living with Cancer.  Whereas I loved my hair short I realized about 2 years in what a pain it was to keep it short. So, I started growing it out.  Little did I know, it takes a lot longer to grow it out when you get into your...ahem...late 30's.

So, now it seems I have had "medium length" hair for about a year. The day I could finally pull it all back into a ponytail without the assist of 47 bobby pins was a momentous day and opened up the style possibilities!

I stumbled on this gal Kate's The Small Things blog and now I am obsessed! I've watched most of her YouTube videos. I dusted off the curling iron. I am putting a ton of effort into my hair. My sister always says "hair is like and outfit you wear everyday" and she couldn't be more right! I need to spend a little more time playing with my hair now that I actually have longer hair to play with! Pin It

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Ms. Becca said...

I hear you about growing your hair out as you get older! It takes more patience to be sure. Thanks for the link :)