Wednesday, April 11, 2012

*New*- Luncheonette Apron Pattern

Luncheonette Apron
I had my first job at the ripe ol' age of 15.5 (as soon as I could get a work permit and do something other than babysitting) as a waitress in a 50's diner.  We wore ridiculous outfits and I came home everyday smelling of condiments, grilled meat, and onions.  It was hard work and whereas I liked my paycheck ($3.25/hour for those with kids saying minimum wage today stinks), I despised my outfit and asked to wear a "cute little apron to jazz it up a bit."  My boss came back with a definitive, "No.  This is not a fashion show."

When Dolin came to me with this adorable apron without a name, I thought back to those days of working in the diner and deemed it the Luncheonette Apron. It's double-sided and outfitted with pockets on both sides.  Perfect!  If you drip something on one side you just wipe it off, flip it over and look at that...fresh as a daisy!

Dolin has also posted a cute entry on her blog making this apron out of scraps!

The Kona Cotton Colorworks gingham is double-sided, so you could use this as the base fabric in lieu of the Essex.

It's now available in our store as a downloadable sewing pattern.  Did you know we have downloadable knitting and crochet patterns too?  What are you waiting for?  
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