Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Make a Farmer's Market Bag For Mom!

Mother's Day Farmer's Market Shopping Bag

Bobbin's Nest's Farmer's Market Shopping Bag - Perfect for Mother's Day!

If you are like me, you have been caught without a shopping bag as the local rules have changed at many stores and malls.  Here in the South Bay, half of our Valley Fair Mall will give you a bag for free since it is zoned in Santa Clara.  The half that's zoned in San Jose is required to charge for shopping bags.  Yep, that's right we now need to remember to bring a bag to Nordstrom!  Isn't that bizarre?  Who doesn't want to look cute when shopping?  You wouldn't put your Nordstrom purchase in the same bag that carried your fish for dinner would you?  

Our quick and easy Farmer's Market Shopping Bag is the perfect solution!  It's sturdy enough to go to the Farmer's Market, yet stylish enough to carry your mall purchases!  And it's the perfect gift for Mom this Mother's Day!  Mom will look très chic carrying the gift you made for her!  
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