Monday, April 2, 2012

Color Story: QuiltCon Block Challenge

QuiltCon Color Story
As a child of the 80's I guess it's no surprise that as most little girls of the era did,
I drew rainbows on everything!
Whether it be in the sky during a collision of sun and rain or a child's crayon rendition,
there is something magical about a rainbow.
I have a feeling this is why I love solid colors so much. 
Anyone who observes the daily rotation of my wardrobe can tell you,
"Erin sure likes her solids." 
I have never been one for prints, I tend to combine solids in an outfit.
As I get older I find myself adding a printed scarf or a multi-color necklace to tie it all together,
and the rest of the outfit remains unchanged from the time I started buying my own clothes...solids.

Fabric in our color story (top to bottom):
 Kona Cotton in Coral
Kona Cotton in Orange
Kona Cotton in Sunflower
Kona Cotton in Green Tea
Kona Cotton in Kiwi
Kona Cotton in Robin's Egg
Kona Cotton in Lagoon
 Kona Cotton in Medium Grey
Kona Cotton in Coal

Yarn in our color story (left to right):
Indigo Moon Ultimate Sock in Gabriola Green
 Indigo Moon Ultimate Sock in Crimson Red
 Indigo Moon Ultimate Sock in Midnight Song
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