Monday, March 12, 2012

Color Story: Life's Coral Reef

Turquoise and Red Color Story
Aqua and coral go together swimmingly!
This color combination continues to be popular this summer.
When paired with natural colors like beige, white, or brown
the combo evokes feelings of walking on a sandy beach,
the smell of saltwater permeating your hair.
Paired with black and white, it's a 50's kitchen with a checkerboard floor and cafe curtains.
With grey or silver, you're riding a horse down a dusty trail in Santa Fe in jeans, boots, and hat.
Aqua and coral are a complimentary combination that can prompt many different feelings,
 and always puts me in a good mood!

Fabric in our color story (top to bottom):
 Fresh Cut Flowers in Paprika
Kona Cotton in Coral
Racer Stripes in Aqua
Pinwheels in Cream
Kona Cotton in Emerald
Stitch Petal in Aqua
Lock and Key in Coral

Yarn in our color story (left to right):
Sincere Sheep Luminous in St. Bart's
Sincere Sheep Luminous in Kung Hey Fat Choi  
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