Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Color Story: Dashing Greens and Smokey Grays

Turtle Color Story

COLOR STORY OF THE WEEK: Dashing Greens and Smokey Grays

With St. Patrick's Day this past Saturday, we were all about green!
However, how do you tone down bright green?  With gray or black of course!  
We've see this color combination pop up a lot this past year in interior design and clothing.
It's sophisticated, yet playful.  Loud, yet tamed.
It can be fun for kids as seen in the turtle fabric, 
but it's also lovely for adults as seen in the Sandi Henderson Grand Tapestry fabric.
Throw in some silver for a chic pop of glamour!

Fabric in our color story (top to bottom):

Yarn in our color story (left to right):
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