Thursday, March 15, 2012

Check me out on Pinterest!

Erin's Pinterest Page

Have you heard of Pinterest, the "virtual" pinboard?  Before you say, "Erin, not one more social networking tool!  I can't take it!" let me explain.  For me, Pinterest is an easy way to keep my online findings organized and unlike Ravelry it's not just knitting and crochet based.  Say there's a recipe you've found- pin it on your "cooking" board and come back to it later.  Or maybe you are thinking of taking up a new hobby, create a board for it and unlike bookmarks, images will trigger your memory to articles, videos, or images you've found.  It's all linked, so you can go back to it later!

I am a really organized person and Pinterest keeps my online life tidy.  Plus, it's fun!  Name your boards whatever you board above is called "Country Mouse/ City Mouse" and it's for clothes or clothing projects I have found along the way.  Want to know what I am up to?  Follow me on Pinterest! 
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