Friday, February 17, 2012

Thank Heaven for Little...Boys!

When "The World's Cutest Nephew" was born 6.5 months ago I became more and more aware of customers lamenting "there's just nothing cute to make for little boys!"  Or asking, "why aren't there more 'boy' fabrics out there?"  So, I went on a quest...a quest for fabrics that would be perfect for little boys.

I love the Sarah Jane Collection "Children at Play" from Michael Miller.  We have many of the sweet prints that I can envision as adorable pajamas, blankets, or decorating a boy's room with. 

Making Paper Hats: Aqua on Flannel
Rockets: Blue on Flannel

Chasing Airplanes: Blue

On The Go: Aqua
Yes, even though "The World's Cutest Nephew" is just shy of 7 months, On The Go will definitely describe him soon enough! Pin It

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