Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last Christmas my husband bought himself a gift.  As a man who loves all things vintage (bicycles, cameras, pens, watches, wine...the list goes on and on) and in need of a hauling apparatus for his wine making goodies he did what only he would do...he bought a 1965 Ford.  Like a cow, she's round and white, so logically we named her Bessie. 

Bessie's in really amazing original condition, which my husband is trying to preserve by only adding 3-point seatbelts (at my request), and very little else to compromise her period accurateness.  She's a good farm truck and it's fun bopping around town in.  As you can tell, our dogs think she's fun too, although Finn (our Pug) is a tad short (don't tell him, he thinks he's a big dog), so when cruising with Dad, he gets strapped into a booster seat.  Scout's (our Border Collie/ Pointer mix) the "real" ranch dog...nevermind that she lives in Sunnyvale, not Montana. 

I want to make something for my husband or maybe something for the dogs...any suggestions?  Here are the fabrics I am thinking of using...
Pooches and Pickups: Summer
Pooches and Pickups: Summer

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