Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1/31- The Last Day of the Brick and Mortar Store!

I have a thing about rituals.  When I find something that makes me feel good, you'll find me cramming it into my schedule no matter what.  Things like a good strong cup of tea in the morning or watching CBS Sunday Morning and knitting on Sunday.  For the past month, since I announced the store would be closing today, I haven't had much time for myself.  There hasn't been time for watching TV, yoga, reading, cooking, and truth be told, I haven't slept much in 4 weeks.  The one thing I have done though, unbeknownst to anyone, is play Travis Tritt's "It's a Great Day to Be Alive" in my car on my drive to the store everyday.  I know it's goofy...even a little hillbilly, but what the heck, it's true...it's a great day to be alive.

I won't blather on about how starting Bobbin's Nest Studio has been one of the highlights of my life. I won't pontificate about how many lives Bobbin's Nest has touched. I won't take credit for teaching people to knit, sew, crochet, or embroider. What I will say is this...Thank You.

Thank you to my staff, current and not, for teaching me so much about myself and for being there with me through the many trials and tribulations of business. It's been a wild ride and I come away from this wiser because of you.

Thank you to my customers, for caring about the store, the staff, and myself. You pushed me to be savvy, creative, and a tad daring in business and in life. I am so proud of all of the things we have tried and learned together!

Again, thanks for joining us in this awesome journey. The brick and mortar store experience has been so rewarding in so many ways. I am looking forward to staying in touch with all of you.

Onwards and upwards! Cheers! To the next Bobbin's Nest Studio adventure!  ~Erin

Brick and Mortar Closing Sale Schedule

Tuesday, 1/31: 11am-6pm (Last Day Open to the Public)

Yes, we still have lots of fun stuff on sale!

The Pertinent Brick and Mortar Closing Details:

Gift Cards: Brick and Mortar store gift cards (the white plastic ones with the Bobbin's Nest logo on them) can be used IN the brick and mortar store through January 31, 2012. After January 31, 2012, brick and mortar gift cards cannot be used in our online store. We are unable to convert them into online gift cards. You can, however, apply them towards an order taken over the phone, including shipping charges you will likely incur. It's better to spend them in the store today and get a great deal!

Honorary Bobbin Memberships: As of December 31, 2011 we have closed our Honorary Bobbin program to new members. Those of you who enrolled in the program in 2011 will still receive your 10% discount on online purchases until your membership is up for renewal, but you need to let us know you are an Honorary Bobbin when you register on the website (we need to flip a switch on that end). You can still look forward to receiving your FREE Bobbin's Nest Studio pattern once a month. We will uphold our end of the bargain in every way possible...because you're awesome and we thank you for supporting us!

Classes: We will not be putting out another class schedule and we will not be offering classes going forward.

Private Lessons: We are all booked up. We are unable to schedule any more private lessons at this time.

Complimentary Help: We are always good about helping you with a project if we have a few free minutes. We continue to strive for excellent customer service, however, please be conscious of how busy we are and of our time. We are here to help through our last day open. We will NOT be providing this service after we close and the current space will be closed to the public, functioning as a warehouse/in-store pickup spot only.

Sewing Machines and Fixtures: We have sold our sewing machines. We have also sold most of our fixtures. Pin It

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