Thursday, November 17, 2011

Keep The Cheer *Here* This Holiday Season

Remember last year when I went on a bit of a rant about supporting small businesses during the holiday season?  Yeah, well, get ready for part 2.  The 3/50 Project has announced their "Keep the Cheer Here" Campaign and we're jumping on the bandwagon...again!  AND they have an iPhone app called "Look Local" so you too can find independent businesses in YOUR area too!

Oh Target, how you have disappointed me so by choosing to open at midnight on Black Friday.  Really?   I feel for your poor employees.  That stinks.  Best Buy, I lashed out you last year, and this year you have sunk even further when you chose to also open at midnight.  Clearly, your employees aren't happy and frankly, I have to agree with them.

At the Nest, we take a different approach to the craziness of Black Friday.  We will be celebrating Thanksgiving with our families and will be closed on Black Friday.  But, don't think that we have forgotten to give thanks to you, our loyal customers, we are having our traditional "Thankful For You" sale Saturday, Nov. 19th through Wednesday, Nov. 23rd both in the store and online!

So, how do you like them apples?  We disagree with the implication that ...retailers say they're simply responding to consumers' desires.  I feel that's a cop out and that chain stores have gotten greedy.  I think they need to look at the big picture.  Once upon a time, the holidays were about taking a few days off to spend time with your family, enjoy your life, and celebrate your faith.  Big box stores, you need to consider how you treat your employees.  I am a boss who respects my employees and over the years I have worked many occasions so my staff could be home, spending time with their kids.  Every Mother's Day you have seen me in the store so my staff who have children can enjoy the day with them.  Birthdays are a big deal at the Nest and my staff members get a paid day off and an entire birthday weekend off.  In the past, I have closed down to accommodate holiday travels.  I value my employees and know that they are the ones who (wo)man the fort when I am not there.  It's high time that big box stores go back to some of those "family values" they are always marketing to us.

Have you given thanks for your independent retailers this year?  We always have our Bobbin's Nest Recommends page available at the shop for you that lists local crafty businesses who we endorse.  Please shop with us, with them, on Etsy, your favorite artist's website, and your local art museum this holiday season.

As I did last year, I am going to give you a list of some of my most favorite local (and a few not-so-local) non-crafty businesses.  A personal thank you goes out to these small businesses who my husband and I have enjoyed and supported this year.  Keep up the good work and fighting the good fight!

5 Color Cowboy Hair Salon, (ask for Rhoda)- San Jose, CA
A Dog's Life- Sunnyvale, CA
Amsterdam Coffee House- Paso Robles, CA
Antiques Colony- San Jose, CA
Artisan Bistro- Paso Robles, CA
Black Cat Bistro- Cambria, CA
Bliss Beauty Center- Los Altos, CA
City Lights Espresso- Santa Clara, CA
Dana Street Roasting Company- Mountain View, CA
Denner Vineyards- Paso Robles, CA
Downtown Yoga Shala- San Jose, CA
Fermentations Solutions- Campbell, CA
Firefly Gallery- Paso Robles, CA
Hotel Cheval- Paso Robles, CA
Ibiss Boutique- Santa Clara, CA and San Jose, CA
Jasmine Fine Thai- Santa Clara, CA
Leigh's Favorite Books- Sunnyvale, CA
Lokahi Acupuncture- San Jose, CA
Mission Chiropractic (and massage...ask for Kym)- Santa Clara, CA
Moto Amore- Santa Clara, CA
Public Bicycles- San Francisco, CA
Ridge Vineyards- Cupertino, CA
Ryan's Sports Shop- Santa Clara, CA
San Jose Vespa- San Jose, CA
Santa Clara Pet Hospital- Santa Clara, CA
Scenic Coast Properties (pet-friendly vacation rentals)- Cambria, CA
Testarossa Winery- Los Gatos, CA
Thomas Hill Organics- Paso Robles, CA
Turley Wine Cellars- Paso Robles, CA
Vineyard Antique Mall- Paso Robles, CA Pin It


Kathy Mae said...

Agree! If we want the luxury of beautiful shops like Bobbin's Nest, we need to support them. Thank you for the list of referrals.

Erin B. said...

Thank you for supporting local businesses in Paso! That's where I'm from and I'm so proud to see the community build such a strong contingency of local businesses. Be sure to tell all your South Bay peeps to come visit us! We in Paso love San Jose!

Bobbin's Nest Studio said...

Thanks Erin B. Do you have a business in Paso? I would love to visit you next time I am in town! Best, Erin M.