Friday, October 28, 2011

Online Store Preview

Remember how fresh-faced (and redheaded) I was in the beginning of this online store development?  Here's a reminder:

So, to be honest, this picture was actually taken about 2 years ago and has been seriously photoshopped.

As I move through final tweaks of the Bobbin's Nest online store (launching next Tuesday, November 1st) I thought you might enjoy a little preview!  Many folks have asked about what we are going to offer in the online store.  Will we have everything online that we carry in the physical store?  Initially, the online store will include what I like to refer to as "The Best of the Nest." 

-Yarn?- Check.

- Fabric?- Absolutely!  331 case you were wondering.

-Sewing Patterns?- Yep!  Got those too!

-Needles?  Hooks?- Our entire ChiaoGoo needle/ hook inventory will be available online!  Ask and you shall receive...thanks Knitmore Girls Podcast for touting the loveliness and affordability of ChiaoGoo!  We *heart* them too!

-Sewing/ Knitting Notions?- Only the best will make the cut for the online store.  We really want to provide you with all of the tools you'll need, but not overwhelm you with choices.

-Knitting Patterns?-  We're getting there...again, these will only be our favorites!  We're not trying to compete with Ravelry as far as selection (because, seriously, how could we?), so only the creme de la creme will be found on our site.

-Books?- Eventually a small selection of books will be in the online store.  You know about our book sale going on through the end of the year, don't you?  

-Gift Cards?- Oh yeah!  For the time being though, gift cards purchased online will ONLY be good for use in the online store and not in the physical store.  I know, I know,  I'm workin' on it.

-An Honorary Bobbin Membership?- Haven't signed up to be an Honorary Bobbin yet?  What are you waiting for?  You'll be able to buy your membership online!  How easy is that?

See?  Not so fresh and rosy these days.  And no photoshopping going on here.  Au Naturale Baby!
My staff has seen me looking a lot like this recently.  I've gone into hibernation (again) spending countless a dark room...counting inventory.  I kind of feel a lot like I did when I started the physical store 4 years ago.   I spent 3 months an empty Santa Clara store...counting inventory.

The difference is on Tuesday, November 1st I will have an ONLINE store to show the world! Pin It

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Sydney said...

At least you're not old, fat and grey. Geesh, you're not even one of the above! Happy inventory, Ms. Beautiful. Inventory.... so much fun.