Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meet Our Newest Bobbin!

After four years of being able to browse all the amazing artisan yarns and whimsical fabrics at Bobbin’s Nest Studio in person, it’s pretty exciting that in less than a month the Nest’s outstanding selection of products will be available online, too. However, with all the no-longer-top-secret happenings going on at the Nest recently, things have been pretty busy— after all, it’s not easy keeping track of a shop, website, online business…the list goes on. That’s where I come in: my name is Kate, and I’ll be helping Erin and the crew at the Nest with the blog.

I’m a recent college grad, aspiring writer, and avid knitter. I’ll admit, I don’t really sew very often, but I love contemplating fabrics and sewing projects almost as much as yarn, and I have a great deal of experience letting my mother know what she should sew for me. I’m looking forward to letting you know more about some of the new (and old!) products available at the Nest, possible projects to add to your to-do list, and anything else that comes up! When I’m not at the Nest (either working or finding new projects!) and writing blogs for your viewing pleasure, I seem to spend an awful lot of time shopping at Anthropologie, doing crafty projects (knitting and otherwise), sitting on planes to Southern California, and trying to satisfy my cat Charlie’s insatiable need for attention.

Got any great ideas for what you’d like to see in future blog posts? Let us know! Maybe you want to know more about a new brand of yarn at the Nest, a book you’ve been considering buying, or need a project suggestion for that stack of fabric (or ball of yarn) that’s been so patiently waiting to be used.

*A Note from Erin:  I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome Kate officially to the Nest.  She's too modest to mention it, but Kate has been an integral part of our online store development.  She has taken hundreds (if not thousands) of photographs and written web content, while interjecting her wonderful, youthful spirit into the behind-the-scenes operations.  As she said above, she and her mom have been shopping with us since the very beginning, so in our short 4 years I have seen Kate blossom from a shy girl into the lovely young woman she is today.  I feel very fortunate to play a small role in shaping this budding writer's career.     Pin It


CrochetBlogger said...

Congrats and welcome to your new team member!

Sydney said...

WELCOME KATE!!!!!!! So happy to see your shining face!

Napiligal said...

I like her already because she's been to Paris!