Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our First Stashbusting Sale EVER!

April Window
Sidewalk Stashbusting Sale!
September 2-4

Get ready for Fall crafting by thinning out your stash and making room for new projects! Do you have left over bits and bobs you don't know what to do with? Have you inherited stash, given up on projects, or been given gifts that weren't quite your color? Let us help you de-stash and you'll earn store credit to put towards new projects!

Here's how it works:

1. Package similar yarns or fabrics in ziplock bags.* You've got three skeins of the same yarn but they're different colors - put them in one bag together. You have coordinated leftovers from making a quilt- put them in a bag together. You've got odd balls of different yarns but similar colors - put them in one bag together. You have a yard of this and bits that will look pretty with it- put them in one bag together.

2. Put a price on your bags (think yard sale, about 1/2 of the original price).
You do not need your name on every item. We will add an individual barcode to track your items.

3. Put all your items in a bag or a box with your name on it

4. Bring it into the shop by Wednesday, August 31st.

5. Once the sale is over, we'll tally everything up and issue you store credit for whatever sold. We'll put the credit on store gift cards and have them ready for you by Tuesday, September 6th.

6. Items that have not sold WILL NOT be returned. We will donate them to local charities or use them for our upcoming charitable crafting events.

Finally, you'll see a bit of our own stash out there as well. Great deals can be had on yarns and fabrics that we are closing out. AND....THE RETURN OF GRAB BAGS! You've asked and we've collected! You never know what you're gonna get in those little brown bags, but that's the fun of it!

*We will not accept: half-completed projects, books, patterns, needles, notions, or completed projects. Fabric and yarn only please, but there is no yardage requirement. In other words, use your best judgment and think "what would Martha Stewart have at her tag sale?" Pin It

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Sweet P said...

Wow! I found you from your ad on Ravelry. I wish I lived near you. I love your Stashbusting Sale. What an excellent concept.