Sunday, August 21, 2011

More details about our Stashbusting Sale!

Stashbusting Sidewalk Sale- September 2-4

Already we have received several stash drop-offs and man-o-man, you are NOT going to want to miss out!  There are brand new yarns in sweater quantities and beyond!  Someone dropped off perfectly coordinated groups of fabric that with an added backing and batting you would have enough for a quilt!  It's crazy!

As I was going through adding the personalized Bobbin's Nest skus to the bags I thought about a few things that might help if you plan in participating:

1.  This is YOUR sale.  We're doing the dirty work for you.  We'll sit outside and keep an eye on your stuff, so it's like a yard sale, but not in your own yard!

2.  Make your goodies more attractive!  You want your stuff to sell-right?  Make sure you use clean, clear, ziplock bags when packaging your items.  And the more information the you know how much yardage is there?  Do you know what the retail price is?  Put a little tag in the inside that shows through and really makes your items pop!

3.  Truly put a price on there of what you would like to realistically get for it.  Some of the stuff that has arrived so far is at bargain basement prices.  Even I was considering shopping because I know how much you paid and you're selling it WAY TOO LOW!

4.  Have fun with it!  This is your chance to clean that closet, craft room, and make room for new projects! Be ruthless!  You won't believe how good you'll feel when everything is tidy and there is room to grow.

5.  Regardless of what happens to your items, whether they sell or they get donated, you are doing a great thing and we love you for it!

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