Saturday, June 4, 2011

Project of the Week - Chenille Baby Blanket!

About a month ago a customer came in and shared this adorable chenille baby blanket project with us that she was interested in making. Dolin and Amy were completely smitten with the project, and Dolin immediately cut up some fabric to make one for the Bobbin's Nest.

The blanket is done and it turned out super cute!

Chenille Blanket

The instructions were easy to follow and the whole process is fairly simple, but all the stitching and cutting is time consuming.  Don't get us wrong this is a fun project, but not something you can whip out in a couple of hours.

Chenille Blanket

The blanket is about 45" square, but is super flexible on size (we want to make a small one for a bath mat). If you keep to the width of the fabric on the bolts, you don't even have to do any piecing! You need just 1 1/4 yds each of one fabric for the front and 3 flannels to make the chenille, plus about 1/2 yd of fabric to make the binding  -- or you can buy some of our pre-made bias binding, which would make rounded corners a snap!

Chenille Blanket

Just layer all 4 fabrics on top of one another, sew diagonal parallel lines to hold the whole thing together, (you can use your machine foot as a spacing guide*), thent cut the layers of flannel between the stitching, bind, and wash. Instant chenille!

Stop by the shop and we'll help you pick out some great fabrics for this adorable chenille baby blanket project!

* We didn't want to have to buy the special chenille cutter so we just used regular scissors.  If you go this route don't use your sewing machine foot as a guide, you will never be able to get your scissors in between your stitch lines to cut the flannel.  Aim to place your stitching about 5/8"-3/4" apart.  We just eyed the spacing of the stitching.  On the shop blanket the spacing of the stitching isn't particularly even or straight, but you don't even notice it once the blanket is done!  Pin It

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