Saturday, May 14, 2011

Life Lines are a Real Life Saver! -- A Tip from Amy

Everyone knows that Charlotte is the expert lace knitter at Bobbin's Nest, but I thought some of you who are afraid to try lace knitting or who have had a bad run-in with lace and never tried again, might like a tip from me (a beginner lace knitter if there ever was one!) that has really made my lace knitting a much less hair-pulling kind of experience.
It's called a life line.
A life line is a piece of contrasting waste or scrap yarn that you thread through one entire row of stitches at the end of the repeat in your lace pattern, before starting the next repeat of the pattern.
That blue and purple variegated yarn is my life line, all ready for me to start the next repeat.
If you make a mistake in the next repeat of the pattern, all you have to do is take out the needles and rip out the yarn. The yarn will automatically stop ripping out when it gets to the life line. It's like magic! 
Because the life line is there, it's a cinch to put the stitches back on the needle and get back to work.
I'm currently working on a great lace pattern from Churchmouse Yarns -- the English Mesh Lace Scarf. At the end of every repeat of the 8-row pattern I move my lifeline. This has already saved me on several occasions. The most I ever have to rip out is 8 rows and I'm back to good as new!!

Here I've just finished a repeat and I'm ready to move my life line to the stitches that are on the needle.

For instructions on how to insert and use a lifeline, check out this video at
And come visit us for suggestions on some great beginner lace patterns!!
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