Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Great New Project Ideas from Bobbin's Nest!

We have something new and fun for you at Bobbin's Nest -- a free pattern for making these adorable pillows that comes with the purchase of Gypsy Bandana fabric and enough large ruffles to whip up one of these super comfy fellas!

Don't you just want to sink right into these??
Ruffled Pillows Project
Ruffled Up Pillows

To get the free pattern, just buy two squares of Gypsy Bandana fabric -- your choice of two of the red, two of the blue, or one each of the red and the blue -- and 2 1/4 yards of large ruffles, which will make you one of these fabulous pillows!

Ruffled Pillows Project
Ruffled Up Pillows

Not into ruffles? The pillows are even easier to make without the ruffles!

Not interested in a throw pillow? How about some gorgeous napkins, perfect for summer picnics!

Quick Napkin Project, side 1
Napkin, side 1

Quick Napkin Project, side 2
Napkin, side 2

We have these Gypsy Bandana squares all pre-cut for you and ready to sew. You can literally have a napkin sewn up in about 15 minutes, while the ruffled pillow won't take you much longer!

Even better - both are great quick projects for Mother's Day!

All you need to do to get the free pillow pattern is purchase two squares of fabric and the ruffles and you'll be sittin' pretty in no time!

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Anonymous said...

The pillows are fabulous! I love them!