Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gail Goes Easy Peasy with Our New Berroco Comfort Yarn!

We adored Erin’s Easy Peasy Baby Jacket by Churchmouse Classics and thought it would be the perfect pattern to test drive our new Berroco “Comfort” yarn. Comfort is a worsted weight, machine washable, acrylic yarn. And, it’s a great value at 210 yards for $6.25. I had about half of the second ball left on this project.

Churchmouse Easy Peasy Baby Jacket

I must confess, I was amazed at the soft hand and “smoosh” quality of this yarn. It is absolutely lovely, has a nice twist, and comes in terrific colors. I machine washed the store sample using a lingerie bag and partially dried it on low heat. I laid it out (and gave it a little "finger blocking") to completely dry. It still looks great.

As far as knitting the sweater goes, I found that the yarn tends to twist back on itself. Using the yarn from the outside, rather than the center pull, helped quite a bit.

Churchmouse Easy Peasy Baby 

Come in and smoosh the Easy Peasy. You’ll love it! Pin It

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