Saturday, December 4, 2010

12 Days 'til Cookie (A.)- Day 12-The BIG Finale!

'On the twelfth day 'til Cookie
a knitter gave to me
12 A's for eating
11 Pomatomus' posing
10 socks-a-blocking
9 fake legs standing
8 cables twisting
7 rounds of ribbing
6 knee high stockings
5 marking rings
short row turns
3 DPN's
and a hand knitted pair of Monkeys'

CookieA eats a cookie "a"
The lady herself...Cookie A. with a cookie "A"!  (courtesy of WonderMike)
Today is the BIG day!  Join us from 4-6pm for our 
Holiday Cookie A. Party and book signing of knit. sock. love.
It's all led up to this...'12 Days 'til Cookie A.'* officially comes to a close in a musical crescendo!

*As disappointed as you will be, this horribly botched version of the classic Christmas song, 
The Twelve Days of Christmas will not be available on iTunes or anywhere music is sold.  
My apologies to those who now have the song stuck in your heads!
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