Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thinking About Stitches West

I spent most of today thinking about Stitches West 2011. 
Who would you like to see in the Nest?
How can we mix it up this year?  
What if we don't do the annual Saturday night BNS party, but something else entirely?
What are your Stitches plans?  Yeah, that's right, I am pointing at you!  
If we offered an interesting class or two that weekend (not offered at Stitches, by designers or dyers not at Stitches of course) would you work it into your schedule?  
What about a weekend long trunk show?
How is it possible that a person can have so much blue yarn 
yet never tire of buying it or knitting with it?
It's enough to make a person mad!  All of these questions and more are percolating in my head and so I thought I would cast it out into the cosmic void and see what came back!  
 I tried calling the Universe, but I was on hold for so long that Livin' la Vida Loca looped more than once (darn you Ricky Martin and your catchy tunes!).  Like most large companies, the Universe has terrible hold music.
 So, what do YOU want to do dear customers?  Send us an email and please let us know!
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Kate Schmidt said...

I just want to see you. I'll bring my knitted mug from Starbucks and we can be twinsies!

Yarnista said...

I have that mug too! Triplets!