Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Nest- Where Everybody Knows Your Name

I originally had a small blog post here simply wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, but there is something I want NEED to say.  I need to say this so much so that it woke me out of a dead sleep this Thanksgiving morning and I now find myself, up at 5:45am, jotting this all down and putting it out into the world.  On this Thanksgiving be thankful for your local retailers and all of the great things they do for you!

I am offended.  Really offended.  In fact, offended doesn't fully express what I am feeling right now.  Super duper annoyed is more like it.  For a week now I have endured big box store TV commercials touting that they are opening at ridiculous hours like 3am, 4am, or not going to sleep at all for Black Friday.  In fact, my husband and I saw a family pitching a tent in front of Best Buy last night...yes, that would be Wednesday night, two days before Black the cold snap of Sunnyvale (30 degree nights) on the concrete sidewalk.  Are you for real?  For what?  Do you need a discounted flat screen that badly?   It's not that I am trying to compete, I know that I can't compete with deep discounts, crazy store hours, or insane crowds.  BUT, what I have realized is this...THEY CAN'T COMPETE WITH ME EITHER.

Bobbin's Nest Studio offers a knowledgeable staff, a rewards program, personalized service, excellent classes, high quality products, and, like Cheers, everyone knows your name.  Not only do we know your name, we know that project that you struggled through for your grandson, your Girl Scout troop donated over 50 pillowcases to our charity sewing, your Mom has been ill, and that your husband just got an awesome job.  I know your kid's names, your dog's name, and sometimes, I know how you take your coffee.  

Behind every small business there is a "creative genius" making it all happen.  I commonly refer to myself as the "(wo)man behind the curtain" pulling the levers and tugging the strings to make Bobbin's Nest run efficiently.  I operate with a small staff that I personally handpicked because they are smart, crafty, talented people.  I also select each and every product, bring you awesome independent artists you won't see anywhere else, and yes, I am the one who wakes up at 5:45am on Thanksgiving morning to write the blog.  I'm the one who comes up with the marketing schemes, the email blasts, the events, the Facebook posts, and as embarrassing as this is to admit, the dorky song about Cookie A.  And yep, I am the one who pays the bills.  Sometimes, I have a customer ask if we are a chain because the store looks so professional and pulled together.  Nope.  Not a chain.  Just one gal (and some trusty assistants) with one store who works REALLY hard to make it all happen and keep it all moving.

Like me, there are many, many, many other creative genius' operating small businesses in these unsure financial times.  What would you do if they disappeared?  Have you given thanks for them recently?  I encourage you this Black Friday and this holiday weekend to skip the big box store and support your local retailer.  We always have our Bobbin's Nest Recommends page available at the shop for you that lists local crafty businesses who we endorse.  I am going to go one step further and give you my personal list of non-crafty businesses I love.  These are owners I know personally who, like me, work damn hard to be there for you.  Please shop with us, with them, on Etsy, your favorite artist's website, your local art museum this holiday season.

5 Color Cowboy (Hair Salon)- San Jose, CA
California Yoga Center- Palo Alto, CA
City Lights Espresso- Santa Clara, CA
Dana Street Roasting Company- Mountain View, CA
Downtown Yoga Shala- San Jose, CA
Fleet Feet Sports- Menlo Park, CA
Ibiss Boutique- Santa Clara, CA and San Jose, CA
It's a Girl Thing- San Jose, CA
Jasmine Fine Thai- Santa Clara, CA
Leigh's Favorite Books- Sunnyvale, CA
Lettuce Sandwich Shop- Mountain View, CA
Lokahi Acupuncture- San Jose, CA
Mission Chiropractic (and massage...ask for Kym)- Santa Clara, CA
Recycle Bookstore- San Jose, CA
Ryan's Sports Shop- Santa Clara, CA
Santa Clara Pet Hospital- Santa Clara, CA
Testarossa Winery- Los Gatos, CA
Urban Darling (Wardrobe Stylists)- San Jose, CA

**Just a reminder...we will be closed today AND tomorrow.  Join us in the Nest all weekend for tea, crafting, and relaxation.  We are your home away from home!**
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Jocelyn said...

What a great blog post. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Erin.

betty said...

I live in Los Altos, and I'm always shopping at the local downtown shops. BTW, Dana Street is one of my favorite coffee hangouts.

Happy Thanksgiving!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

So well said! Thank you for your fabulous shop! Happy Thanksgiving!

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Well said. And while I make most of my gifts, any shopping I do will be at local businesses. We actually do our best to do that year 'round - my husband is a small business owner too.

A very happy (and delicious) Thanksgiving to you!