Sunday, October 31, 2010

This Halloween I Am Dressing As Myself...

...and that's pretty scary!

As much as I love Halloween I actually haven't donned a costume in almost 5 years.  I have the best of intentions yet use every excuse...time got the better of me OR I am out of town OR my husband isn't the costume type OR we didn't get invited to a party...and thus, I always feel that something's missing as I answer the door to trick-or-treaters dressed as myself.

This morning I was thinking about "Dress as Your Roommate Day" that my sister had in college.  She was in a sorority and there was one day of the year that you were to dress as your roommate, picking up all of their little idiosyncrasies, and turning it into a "costume".  For example if they were a coffee addict or a workout queen or always wore a certain type of sunglasses.  You know, goofy things that you as their roommate would know.  This concept got me thinking of if I were to dress as my favorite Bobbin?  What would be the signature piece that would capture the essence of that person?

Maria- Always handknit socks, and her favorite accessory...clear plastic Converse tennies so you can see the handknit socks!  If not this look of Maria's no doubt wearing a skirt or a dress that she made from our fabric.

Dolin- Impeccably tailored dress that she designed or improved upon someone else's pattern (of course) probably out of some vintage fabric that she managed to find at a thrift store for 10 cents, but the ensemble makes her look like a million bucks!

Charlotte- Earth toned handknits.  Always an amazingly daunting lace shawlette of some sort and mostly handknit socks.

Amy- She is a new knitter, but an avid seamstress.  I think she has made about 4,000 Amy Butler Barcelona Skirts and a zillion Mendocino Dresses.

Annmarie- Whatever the latest, greatest yarn is, she's made something out of it!  She's also really caught the sewing bug too, so she's whipping out dresses in a day now!

Gail- She has a navy blue knit vest  that she loves and wears a lot.  It always makes me smile because she wore it on the day she interviewed.  Gail's color palette is straight-forward (just like her): blue, black, grey.

Laura- Also, a big fan of the Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt, she's got a bunch of them, but also tries the Colette and Decades of Style patterns, usually in our fabrics that she's collected since way before she worked at the store.

Linda- An awesome knitter, she dons a new handknit sweater or shawlette pretty much everytime I see her!  I don't know how she can knit so fast!

And then there is me...

Erin- Amelia Earhart meets Dudley Do Right with jeans tucked into boots and wearing a sweater that I could have knit, but inevitably bought it at Anthropologie.  I give 99.9% of my handknits away, so I never have anything to wear that I made myself.  So, my signature piece would be a tattered Bobbin's Nest bag carrying my latest project around in that I will soon finish and give away.

Happy Halloween Everybody!!!  Have a safe and fun evening! Pin It

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