Wednesday, October 13, 2010

St. Anthony's Charity Crafting Progress!

We kicked off our Charity Crafting on Sunday, October 3rd and we're making great strides!  A special thank you to Jennifer A. who dropped off more than finished 20 scarves to us at our Anniversary Party.  I was floored!  What a great way to start!  Then Debbie M. said something like "hey kid you want some fabric for your pillowcase drive?"  I followed her out to her car and I was shocked at the sight of probably 50 yards of various cotton fabrics which are perfect for making pillowcases!  This past weekend the sewing machines were whirring making pillowcases as the knitters knitted right along.  Linda is leading the group and if you haven't had a chance to join us you have through Sunday, December 12th, so put it on your calendar.

Just to remind you we are making pillowcases and scarves for St. Anthony's Foundation in San Francisco as part of their Knit 2,500 Scarves. By Hand. By Christmas. Drive and the 1 Million Pillowcases Challenge.  Every Sunday from 2-4pm you can join along and we will give you the necessary supplies and access to our sewing machines to craft along with us.  We also put out the Grab Bags and Super Grab Bags every Sunday and we have more Jordana Paige "Perfectly Imperfect" bags that are available for $50 each.  All of the money from the Grab Bags and the JP Bags will go straight to St. Anthony's.

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