Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh Betty Dear!

I don't know about you, but I for one am completely enamored with Mad Men.  The style of the 60's has come back in a big way thanks to Betty Draper (now Betty Francis), Joan Halloway-Harris, Peggy Olson and the women of Mad Men.  The idea that women could, no SHOULD, be elegantly dressed whether in the home or the office is a lost art in today's casual Fridays or as I call "Shlumpadinka Everyday" wear.  With the arrival of Fall I find myself settling back into last year's bad habit of jeans, sweater, and Dansko clogs everyday.  Sure, I may throw on a funky necklace or a scarf to "dress it up", but it sure isn't Mad Men style.

Robert Kaufman, how cute are you?  Betty Dear would make Betty Draper/ Francis proud!  Not really 1960's inspired, more 1940's, but I can totally see the girls of Mad Men donning cute aprons or garden party dresses made of these prints!  Can't you?  Sassy, indeed!

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