Tuesday, October 26, 2010

L.J. Kaelms has arrived!

Jordana Paige has outdone herself!  Our shipment of her new L.J. Kaelms bags have arrived and we LOVE them.  What's not to love?  Here's all of the fabulous features:

1.  This is a nice deep bag that's loaded with 8 pockets.  It holds your project and your purse contents!
2.  It stand up and open so you can see what's in the bag.
3.  2 "yarn feeders" or "circlets™"...love them.  Don't know what they are?  They are those great little strips with a snap on either end that most people think should hold your keys.  Nope!  Yarn feeders!  Put your ball of yarn in pockets below the circlets™ and snap it around the strand...no more tangles or yarn flying out of your bag at inopportune moments!

4.  Removable notions zipper pouch...standard in all JP Bags.
5.  Long shoulder strap that stays put!  Perfect for tall or shorter gals alike.
6.  Center zippered pouch which is where I keep things like my wallet and items I don't want people to see when it's sitting on the floor open.
7.  Credit card slots for your coffee card (or wine tasting card) because I don't know about you, but I take my knitting with me to coffee (and wine bars).

8.  Comes in four awesome colors and in 2 different fabrics...pebbled fabric- Lucky Green or Red or snakeskin fabric- Teal Blue or Deep Taupe.
9.  You would rather go naked than wear fur or leather?  These bags are Vegan!  Perfect for the animal lover in your life.
10.  And my favorite feature?  FEET!  I love a bag with feet on the bottom!  There's nothing worse than setting your bag down on something sticky and now you have schmutz on the bottom!  Blech! Pin It

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