Friday, October 1, 2010

Charity Crafting starts this Sunday!

This year the lucky recipients of St. Anthony Foundation in San Francisco will be receiving more than just our money...we have come up with some creative ways to help these fabulous folks! We really need your involvement with our plans and we are going to be kicking it off Sunday, October 3rd from 2-4pm.

"2,500 scarves. By hand. By Christmas." That's all they've asked for from their community, but because we are Bobbin's Nest and we like to donate above and beyond we are taking it two steps further by not only vowing to knit and crochet them scarves, BUT we're going to sew them some pillowcases we have vowed to make for the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge, AND we will also be fixing up grab bags again like we did for our "Knitter in Need" Fundraiser to sell.

Here's how you can help. Every Sunday from 2-4 starting on October 3rd and running through December 12th we will provide the yarn, fabric, patterns, and expertise, you provide the labor to make scarves and pillowcases. You can use our sewing machines for free and our couches for sitting while you work on your scarf or pillowcase to be donated. We'll give you the goodies to use, but we need a little time from you!

In addition, we will also put the grab bags out on Sundays and if you would like to purchase one you may do so and the money will be put in the St. Anthony Fund to be donated before the holidays with the goodies we have made them.

This Foundation is very close to my heart and when I received the call to action I just knew I had to help. St. Anthony's is located in the Tenderloin of SF where the highest concentration of poverty in the city. They not only feed, clothe, and shelter displaced Americans, but they are known for also helping immigrants pursuing the American Dream in our country. For years my family has donated to St. Anthony's Dining Room. My grandfather was a huge supporter after living through the depression in San Francisco, he knew what it was like to go hungry. My family carried on the tradition not only in memory of my grandparents, but because we too lived through some rough times and sometimes just a little help is all that's needed to make one feel loved, respected, and cared for. A scarf? A pillowcase? These items bring not only warmth and a clean place to sleep, but pride of ownership. When you have little or nothing, it's nice to have something handmade and new that belongs to JUST YOU. Pin It

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