Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Firewalk with me

Bobbin’s Nest Studio has just received a bumper crop of new Artisan Sock yarn from Hazel Knits in a rainbow of colors so yummy they are beyond “gorgeous” – these colors are GORGEOIS (gorj-wáh).

New to the Nest is the striking variegated colorway called “Firewalker.” This mixture of red, yellow, orange and black is the perfect yarn for fall. Knit or crochet a fabulous scarf or triangular shawl, or whip up a pair of funky socks (we have loads of patterns to choose from) to give as a special gift, or to keep for yourself. After all, there’s nothing against a little self indulgence, is there?

Stop by the Nest to view all the latest colors from Hazel Knits – bet you can’t pick just one!

A sample of just some of the colorways we have in stock! (from left to right)
Back Row: Sanguine Peach, Ice Cream Sundae, Cabbage Rose, Cherry Fizz, Red Carpet, Lipstick 1984, Loosey Juicy, Plum Glacé, In The Clover, Blacklight, Sassafras, Nickel, Coveralls, Lochness
Middle Row: Beach Glass, Nemo, Sailor’s Delight, Chocolatier, Firewalker, Hoppy Blonde, Stick O’ Butter, Bobbin’s Nest, Electrolyte, Greenlake, Olympic Rainforest, Weekend Warrior, Shady Verdant
Front Row: Splish Splash, Denim Blues, Hometeam Baseball, Aquarius, Pacific, Serenity Pin It

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