Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bobbin's Nest Book Pick -- Embroidery Companion

We recently got in a whole pile of new books at the Nest, and we're eager to tell you about some of our top picks. Today we're featuring Alicia Paulson's new book, Embroidery Companion.

This book is full of fabulous embroidery projects of all kinds -- even crewel! -- but we expected no less from Alicia and her trusty Corgi, Clover Meadow (you know we here at the Nest LOVE a cute dog!).

Check out these adorable cafe curtains, with tiny embroidered daisies in the polka dots. Bobbin's Nest carries a wide variety of polka dots, including one nearly identical to the one used in the book!

These days of the week kitchen towels would make fabulous holiday gifts, and it's just your luck that Bobbin's Nest carries several types of toweling by the yard as well -- even the red and blue toweling featured in the book!

There are loads more adorable projects in this book, so stop by and pick up a copy for yourself today and get a head start on some holiday sewing (or on a little something for yourself -- you deserve it!). Pin It

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