Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ruffles No Longer Make Life Ruff!

 We've determined that the folks at Michael Miller Fabrics are forward thinkers.  They always seem to come up with new fabrics or doodads to make our lives easier and our sewing more fun!  How about Ruff Ruffles?  They only come in white at the moment (we're guessing that they'll come out with more colors when they see what a HUGE success they are), but that's nothing a little Rit Dye, KoolAid, or even tea couldn't fix!  Ruff Ruffles by the yard are ready to trim your favorite tee, nightie, skirt, or even make into jewelry (I see a class opportunity)!   

We have the whole Ruff Ruffle line in!  Swing on in to check 'em out. Pin It

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