Monday, August 30, 2010

REWARD: Seeking Awesome Customers...

The staff is having a meeting the second week of September to plan for 2011.  We want to know what you want!  Got an idea for a class?  Is there a certain product/ vendor/ line you think the Nest should be carrying?  Is there a niche you think we are missing the boat on?  We are opening up this can of worms because we really want to know what we can do better to serve you.  So many times we are so caught up in what we're doing that we forget to ask.   Sorry, our bad.  Seriously, we know we don't know everything!

Here's what we need from you by Sunday, September 12th:
-send us an email OR
-drop off a written little something...WITH...
...names, links, photos, samples, whatever you think would be helpful.  IDEAS GIVEN VERBALLY WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED AND WON'T GETCHA A COUPON!

Here's what you get in return:
-praise for being an awesome customer and reading the blog, our emails, Facebook, and Twitter
-our eternal gratitude
-One $5 off your next purchase coupon (off merchandise only, not off classes or private lessons), but never in conjunction with a Groupon or a BNS Rewards Card.  (Sorry kids, thems the rules.)  Submit as many ideas as you want, but you only get one chock your list full of ideas!

All written suggestions will be taken into consideration and most likely voted on.  We're sorry if your suggestion doesn't make the cut, but we have a feeling that lots of them will! Pin It

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