Friday, August 27, 2010

Meet Bobbin's Nest's Stock Clerk, Finn

For a while now we have been looking for someone to stock shelves, keep the place picked up, and who could do some of the "manly" jobs around the shop.  We also wanted someone who was easy on the eyes, yet wholesome enough that it wouldn't be obvious that we, the ladies of Bobbin's Nest, were fawning all over him (pinching his cheeks and telling him how cute he is all the time probably isn't very professional).  So we adopted hired Finn.  Sadly, not the guy from Glee pictured above.  Finn, pictured below, is our new stock clerk.  You won't see him in the shop because he works the swing shift, but we thought you should get to know the boy pug behind the Nest's inventory.

10 Things You Should Know About Our Stock Clerk, Finn

1.  Finn is merely his nickname...Huck Finn, kid from Glee, whatever.  (We think it suits him!)  His actual name is Phineas P. McGee.  He likes an air of mystery, so we're not sure what the middle initial stands for.
2.  He likes yarn, but not wearing a handknit August...which he did to humor his mother who knit it for him (crazy woman).  Personally, he thinks he looks dumb...and hot, but not in a good way.
3.  He listens to Elvis while he works the swing shift.  We think it has something to do with the lip curl Elvis impersonation he does so well.
4.  Finn is, to be politically correct, "vertically challenged."  He has a hard time reaching the top shelves and lifting boxes is a bit of an issue, but really?  Who are we kidding?  We hired him because he's adorable!
5.  He's a little bummed that he doesn't have a mucky muck BNS job like his sister Scout, but he's the new guy in town, so buck up kid!  "You're gonna make it after all!"
6.  In his off time Finn is exploring performance art and interpretive dance.  He's crazy about the video camera and is begging his mom to put him on YouTube, so he can "be discovered and blow this pup-sicle stand!"
7.  Knitting needles seem to be his favorite thing to stock.  Weeellll...stock might not be the exact word....chew is more accurate.
8.  Unlike his sister Scout he's not much of a herder, so rounding things up to price and shelve is not really his thing.  He likes making a mess and opening boxes pretty well though!
9.  Manly job?  Finn's your guy!  He's very manly...for a pug.
10.  Finn's main job is inventory control.  He's the one behind the computer, crunching the numbers, stocking the shelves, and making this place run like a well-oiled machine!  (Um, no he's not, we just like to let him think that so we can pay him in treats.) Pin It

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Susan said...

I can't believe you KNIT A DOG SWEATER. ROTFLMAO!!!!