Saturday, July 3, 2010

Who's our mystery guest at the end of July?

Sharon McMahon from Three Irish Girls will be visiting the Nest the weekend of July 24th accompanied by a giant trunk show of fun!

If you've never met Sharon before (or you live under wifi-less rock and don't read her blog) you are in for a treat!  Sharon is funny, sweet, endearing and a darn good yarn dyer who recently moved to Duluth, MN to grow her business and her life.  Three Irish Girls no longer inhabits her kitchen, no residing in a 3,000 square foot studio that was built in 1901.  Yes, a building of this age is not without it's issues, so in addition to dying yarn, Sharon has posted loads of photographs of the studio remodel on her blog as well.  My personal favorite is her blog post about the studio pipes.

We are so excited to host Sharon!  The actual weekend is still in the planning stages of what we will do and when, but mark your are going to have two tall Irish girls to deal with (Sharon is even taller than me!)

(and yes, you are seeing right...I changed the photo...Sharon is blond again!) Pin It

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