Sunday, July 18, 2010

More about the eNest

We launched our eNest two weeks ago and we appreciate you hanging in there as we have fine tuned things.

1.  I have been sitting in the eNest, just as I said I would be (Tuesday and Thursday 9am-3pm PST), when it was brought to my attention that if Skype is idyll for too long it would show me on our eNest page as "offline."  Argh!  I am sitting right here!  Apparently, the cool Skype widget does not work properly.  We are trying to remedy the situation, but for your convenience our Skype name is: bobbinsnest.

2.  It dawned on us is that you would like to know how much the yarns we have listed cost.  Now that would be handy-huh?  Since Flickr is for personal use only we now have a Price List posted.

3.  The noise factor...something we didn't bank on.  My office is by the airport and a main thoroughfare for what seems like every semi truck in the San Jose area.  No, I am not coming to you live from a tarmac or a truck stop even if it sounds that way!  So, now I work with music lightly playing in the background, the windows closed and the a/c on.  Nicer for me and nicer for you!

Other than that things are going along swimmingly and look for new items making their way into the eNest soon!  We will have an update to the Three Irish Girl offerings in the week or so after our class/ trunkshow with Sharon this weekend! Pin It

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