Friday, July 23, 2010

Knitter in Need Fundraiser Updates

We are humbled by your response to our Knitter in Need fundraiser.  There is a lot of money going to this great family!  Thank you for being so generous.  I want to take this opportunity to clarify some things and add some items to the raffle, the silent auction, and grab bags.

Raffle Prizes:
We have several new raffle prizes that have been donated to the pile.  I am going to re-write the list here to include them.  Again, tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.

* All Access Pass to Bobbin's Nest shipments for a year! We give you a call when any of our hot ticket items come in and you have 48 hours to come in and for first dibs on the goods!
* $100 gift card to Bobbin's Nest Studio to be used for ANYTHING at ANY TIME!
* 2 hours of Private Lesson time ($60 value) with your favorite Bobbin
* 2 hours of Knitting Private Lesson time with the lovely and talented Jordana of Jordana Paige
* "Sewing Basket" of Clover goodies
* Singer bobbin winder
* A set of 12 photographic greeting cards from Small Circles
* A skein of handspun yarn from Small Circles
* 2 project bags from A Needle Runs Through It
* A skein of handspun yarn from A Needle Runs Through It
* A skein of handpainted yarn by Cookie A (donated by Maria)
* A skein of handspun yarn by Adrienne of Wool Candy
* The last known skein of Wool Candy's Dye For Glory colorway "Downtown Dusk" on Meringue yarn
* 2 Spool necklaces from Jack and Ella Designs

Silent Auction:
Two late entries to the silent auction that were designed and knitted by Jordana Paige for the books Big Girls Knits and Big Girl Knits 2.  Pictured above and in the shop we have the two original garments (Jackie skirt and Hot Cocoa jacket) photographed in the books!

Grab Bags:
Wow!  You all really love the grab bags!  We have sold over 50 of the small ones ($2 each).  We even came up with SUPER grab bags ($5 each) that included more yarn or would be more coveted bags and have sold over 12 of those.  In fact, you love these so much that we now have grab bags for spinners and sewers.  They are labeled so you know what you are in for.  Thank you to everyone who donated beautiful yarns and fibers from their personal stashes for the grab bags.  Two folks in particular who deserve an extra round of applause are Adrienne of Wool Candy and Jordana of Jordana Paige.  See?  You could be getting "celebrity yarn" in your grab bags! Pin It

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