Friday, July 2, 2010

eNest: Revolutionizing The Way You Shop

eNest, our new interactive shopping experience goes live on Tuesday, July 6th at 9am, PST.  We are so excited about this techy way to communicate with our customers all over the world and we know you are going to love it too!

Q.  What is eNest?
A.  eNest is a completely unique way of shopping our store.  It's not an online store where you wander aimlessly from item to item and wonder things like "how soft is that yarn?" or "is that blue or blue-green?"  You get to talk to a live person and ask these questions...and not just any person, Erin, proprietor-ess of Bobbin's Nest Studio face to face through Skype (it's FREE, so you are going to want it on your computers AND your mobile phones)!  Yes, that's right, if you have Skype you will now be able to "call" Bobbin's Nest Studio directly and Erin will personally help you shop the eNest Collection on Flickr.  It's unparallelled expertise at no charge and a new way of personal shopping!  Shopping in your pajamas and don't want to be "seen" by Erin?  No problem!  Just Skype in and you can talk to her without turning on your webcam.

Q.  What are the eNest hours?
A.  As we test this concept out and get our bearings we will be available on Skype from 9am-3pm PST every Tuesday and Thursday.  That's 12 hours a week of shopping for our non-local folks and an additional 4 hours a week for our Bay Area customers!  As the idea takes off (because we know it will) we will expand the hours as needed.  You will be able to see if Erin is "in" the when our eNest page goes live.

Q.  What items will be available in the eNest?
A.  To start we will be offering our entire stock of Hazel Knits, Wool Candy, and Three Irish Girls yarns.  As we get further into it we plan on adding our fabrics as well.  You can find what's available in the eNest Collection on Flickr.  Erin can help you select needles, books, patterns, or other accoutrement too.  We are known for having the best book selection in the South Bay craft stores and the companies we carry are listed on our Products page.

Finally, we are so tickled with this idea!  It's fun, it's different, and it's broadening the Nest's customer circle.  We hope you find it as exciting as we do and look forward to "seeing" you on the web!  The eNest page goes live Monday, July 5th with all of the pertinent information, but for now, you can whet your appetite with the yummy photos we have uploaded to the eNest Collection on Flickr!  "See" you on Tuesday, 9am-3pm PST! Pin It

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Anonymous said...

Erin, darling, kudos! It is the way of the future going live!
Best of luck.