Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another famous Bobbin!

This morning while drinking my coffee I was thumbing through the August issue of Yoga Journal.  I have really gotten into yoga in the past year and whereas I am not standing on my head or twisting myself into a pretzel (completely) yet, I do enjoy the relaxation and meditation it brings.  In other words I am not a competitive yogi.  I prefer the yin, gentle, or restorative classes at Downtown Yoga Shala.  Anyway, not the point of this post.   So, I am leafing through the magazine and there on page 28 are sewing instructions for a meditation cushion (you can download the pattern pieces here, but you will need to buy the magazine for instructions).  My first thought is "huh, this is cute.  This could be a fun sewing class for the shop if we paired it with a yoga mat bag."  My second thought as I ponder contacting the author/designer for pattern permission?  "Holy moly!  This was written by Dolin!"

Yes, that's right, another famous Bobbin...Dolin is now gracing the pages of the August 2010 Yoga Journal! Pin It

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