Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meet Bobbin's Nest's CCO, Scout

Tomorrow, June 25th is "Take Your Dog to Work Day."  Sadly, our CCO (Chief Cookie Officer), Scout, will not be able to make it in that day because she is banned has a prior commitment.  Scout is the complete package: a stunning beauty, smart as a whip, and has a great personality (she also enjoys moonlit romps on the beach, fine kibble dining, and lounging in our her bed every day of the week Sunday mornings ...but that's for all you boy dogs out there...oh and for the record, she prefers shorter men.  Scout is an "overzealous greeter" (read: barks a lot) and prefers a solitary work environment (read: isn't allowed in the shop).  As a result, Scout works from home, but I thought I should at least introduce her so you know her philosophies and where she stands on the big crafting issues.

10 Things You Should Know About Our CCO, Scout

1.  Scout's favorite colors are black and white, hence wearing the same outfit day in and day out.
2.  She looks best in red accesories.
3.  Like her Mom she has a hard time finding clothes that fit because of her height.  When she was younger she dabbled in modeling dog clothing.  It was a short-lived career when she couldn't find work as a dog food spokesdog which was clearly more her fort√©.
4.  She's not much of a crafter, but she does enjoy a nice arrangement of cookies, kibble, or chew toys.
5.  Scout is all about aesthetics and likes to "rearrange" her bed before she lies down.
6.   If it weren't for the lack of opposable thumbs she would love to learn to spin.  However, she would settle for herding sheep (she is part border collie afterall) since she loves the smell of wool.
7.  Unlike her brother and sisters, Scout is not much of a knitter.  Well, I use the term knitter loosely for the cats honestly, because it's really more chasing, capturing and chewing on the yarn, not-so-much knitting as frogging.
8.  Along with yarn, Scout really likes fabric...or at least nipping at the sheets while you are getting out of bed, chewing on squishy toys and pulling the stuffing out all of her stuffed animals.
9.  In addition to being the CCO of Bobbin's Nest, Scout is "Director of Homeland Security" at our home warding off evil squirrels, birds, the pool sweep, and the trees, leaves, or rocks come to kill us all.
10.  She has a great mind for business, spending much of her days pondering where Bobbin's Nest will take her and how she can least that's what she tells me she's doing all day. Pin It


Jordana Paige said...

Haha, this is absolutely adorable.

theknitist said...

Hahahaha, I love it. And what a fitting, dignified photo of Ms. Scout. She sounds like she has a lot on her plate, though. You should give her a few days off.