Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just for fun...

For years I have been a source for random bits of information.  Starting your own business?  Awesome!  Let me tell you where to go to learn about writing a business plan!  Planning your wedding?  Great!  I have incredible floral designers and photographers I can hook you up with!  Going to France?  Let me tell you about the Vouvray Wine Museum!  From time to time I like to post random links that don't necessarily have anything to do with crafting, but are more just for my customers.  Cool things I think you will like or that will inspire you to think big.

Turns out that Gwenyth Paltrow does the same thing on her blog Goop.  A collection of places to see, things to make, and just general "get this out of my brain and into the world" snippits.  It's a neat website!

Second, I wanted to point you to a project that I will participating in this May which I am excited about and thought you might enjoy too.  Mondo Beyondo is an online course developed by Andrea Scher (a writer, life coach, and fabulous photographer in Berkeley whom I have never met, but have blog stalked for years) and Jen Lemen (a writer and illustrator).  In the words of Mondo Beyondo..."now more than ever is the time for dreaming."  Now, who wouldn't benefit from that?

Finally, my husband and I signed up for a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and picked up  our first "shipment" of veggies this week (and coincidentally the pick-up site was a customer's house, hi D.M.!).  Live Earth Farm seems like one of the most organized CSA's I have come across!  I was impressed with their website (I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover or in this case, a CSA by it's website), their recipes, and their attention to detail.  As a busy house of 2 we have a hard time getting to the Farmer's Markets (sadly, even the Santa Clara one a half block from the store), so the fact that I can pick up a box of fresh, pre-paid, hand-selected, veggies every Thursday?  Total time saver in my mind.

(I don't get any kickbacks for any of this randomness...just want to put it out into the world.) Pin It

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