Monday, February 22, 2010

Stitches West 2010 week is upon us!

Our third annual Stitches West week is upon us and are so excited about all that we have in store for you.  Big plans before, during, and after the show have kept us busy these past few weeks and now we can lay it all out there for the world to see!

2/23, Tuesday- Open 11am-6pm

2/24, Wednesday- Open 11am-6pm

2/25, Thursday- Open 11am-8pm
6-8pm: We are releasing our newest shipment of Three Irish Girls yarn including: Adorn Sock, Glenhaven Cashmerino Sock, Westerly Seasock, and Springvale Superwash Merino.  You won't see this yarn at Stitches's only available at the Nest!

2/26, Friday- Closed to prepare the store for Saturday's party and attend the show.
Our staff will be attending the Stitches West Marketplace in the may see a rare sighting...10+ Bobbins in our natural habitat!  Then it's back to the Nest to get the store prepped and ready for what will be our biggest party yet!

2/27, Saturday- Open 11am-4pm AND 6-9pm
How will I be in two places at once?  My Wonder Woman persona comes out on Saturday as we staff the Jordana Paige booth (#622-624) from 10am-6pm, staff the store, and then host our annual Stitches West Party that night!  We will be closed from 4-6pm to put the finishing touches on and get our vendors placed.  Who are we hosting?
*Yarn: Hazel Knits, Pigeon Roof Studios, and Wool Candy.
*Accoutrements: Girl on the Rocks
*Designers: Jeni Chase (a new pattern to go with our signature Hazel Knits yarn colorway) and Jordana Paige (a pattern to go with Wool Candy's yarn).

2/28, Sunday- Open 11am-4pm
Whew!  We'll be putting the store back together, but join us won't you? Pin It

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Ali said...

I am so glad you will be open Saturday morning. I have a sewing project that has been waiting in the wings and I need the motivation to start the cutting. Your sewing salon is just the thing! So I will be stopping by on my way to stitches. I'll be the one with the "Rosie the Riveter" overall pattern.