Friday, January 15, 2010

Project Runway 7- Back in New York!

So, I don't know if you noticed, but last season of my Project Runway commentary was absent from the blog. In the past I have been so into this show that I would have a physical reaction to each episode becoming obsessed with the designers, their work, Tim and Heidi. Last season was moved to LA and the Lifetime network. After waiting for so long through Lifetime and Bravo's lawsuit and bickering I had high hopes. Sadly the first episode was so poorly done that it set the tone for the entire season and I couldn't bring myself to promote something that I didn't fully support. LA proved to not be nearly as exciting as New York, Michael Kors was absent from most of the episodes and even Nina Garcia, who is not my favorite, seemed flat.

I am happy to say that after last nights season premier Project Runway is back!!! They are back in New York and the designers are vastly different, exciting, and entertaining. My heart is in it! I will once again be blogging about this fantastic show!

Episode 1 brought it. The "characters" are definitely going back to the original casting formula of flamboyant, dynamic, talented, and humorous people. Although there was no one that seemed completely bizarre (yet), the design skills range from a comic book artist to a designer who prefers to drape herself rather than a dress form. Because there were so many designers and I just couldn't pick a favorite design I chose to pick a favorite personality this week. Oh are definitely my favorite (and I think he might be Tim Gunn's too, if only for amusement purposes).

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