Friday, January 29, 2010

PR7-The Highs and Lows of Fashion

I mentioned him before and it wasn't because of his design sense, but Anthony is my favorite personality on Project Runway for sure!  Golly!  He's cute!  What's not to like about this charming Southern boy?  He takes criticism like a pro every week and actually turns it around and makes it humorous.  This week he and Seth Aaron were paired to create a signature look worthy of the Met collection (which Michael Kors said made him feel like he was "at the cotillion party in the South from Hell"). Then, in the most dramatic rose ceremony ever...oh wait, wrong show...the designers were told to design a second look inspired by another teams signature look (which Tim Gunn called their "Georgia Peach" look).  Here's why I love Anthony...he just rolls with it, there's not tears, no drama, and he actually jokes right along with the judges.  They didn't win, but they managed to keep their noses clean and stay in the competition.  For the record, I do think that Seth Aaron is a pretty good designer and a contender for my favorite spot. 

Who went home?  Ping!  No not, ping as in you're right or ping you just got a text message, Ping the designer bit the dust!  I said last week that it was just a matter of time.  When you send a gal down the runway with her tucchus exposed or you drape some fabric around a model call it fashion, the judges don't take too kindly to it.  She was paired with Jesse this week who spent most of his time trying to teach her to sew and generally complaining and because I disliked Ping, I cut him a lot of slack. Bye bye Ping!         Pin It

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