Friday, January 22, 2010

PR7- The Fashion Farm

Isn't it fun on the farm? Well, not if you have to design an outfit using nothing, but a potato sack and some embellishments in less than 24 hours on Project Runway.

Ok, I have some advice for all of you designers considering applying for've watched the show (in theory), you have a design background and know how long it typically takes for a design to go from conception to creation (in theory), then why are you surprised when Tim and Heidi set a time limit on a project? Really? You're shocked? Wouldn't one set up little challenges for themselves at home before they even apply? Maybe watch the previous seasons and know that at some point you are going to have to work with an odd medium like trash, vegetables, or in this case burlap? Yes, I know, you're caught up in the frenzy when you are actually on the show and I would imagine that your mind draws a blank when Tim says "make it work", but the rushing around, sewing over fingers, and sewing your model into clothes as she walks down the runway, unacceptable... and again, not surprising!

On this episode of PR there was a lot of rushing around, drama, tears, bad fashion, and well, burlap. I liked it, don't get me wrong, but I am just always amazed when the designers act so dejected that they have a minute period of time to complete their garment. Above is my favorite (Jay) and least favorite (Ping)...and keep in mind that Ping's design was so short that the model's rear end was hanging out the back and yet, in a season shocker (snicker) they kicked off a different designer. Ping's days are numbered though...that's for certain. Pin It

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