Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010! The final Heifer report!

Happy New Year

To: You, Our Honorary Bobbin
From: Bobbin's Nest Studio

In your honor, a gift has been made to Heifer International to help struggling people around the world become self-reliant for food and income.

May this gift bring you joy as it brings hope to a family in need.

Thank you to our customers for being so generous! It's because of you* that Bobbin's Nest Studio was able to donate 2 "Knitting Baskets", 2 additional llama, and 1 additional sheep to Heifer Intl. That's a total of 6 llama and 5 sheep to families in need who will in turn use these animals for their businesses whether that be spinning, knitting, or weaving. Thank you supporting Bobbin's Nest Studio in 2009 and making this giving campaign a reality!

Heifer International provides livestock and training so that families can improve nutrition and earn income for health care, shelter and education for children. Each gift multiplies because every family that receives a Heifer animal promises to "pass on the gift" by giving one or more of their animal's offspring and knowledge to another family in need.

*In addition to our giving campaign my family generously donated in my name and gave a Knitting Basket and a sheep! In total this amounts to over $2000 that was given to Heifer from the Bobbin's Nest/ McGee family. Pin It

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