Saturday, September 12, 2009

What makes Classic Elite so darn special?

I only just noticed this with our GIANT Classic Elite order that arrived last week. They list the benefits of each yarn on the label. How fun is that? Being the inquisitive girl that I am makes me want to read all of them just so I can spout off their unique qualities, thus making myself sound really smart. I could become the Cliff Clavin of yarn...or not.

Here's what arrived in our store:
Ariosa- 90% extrafine merino/ 10% cashmere
Jil Eaton's MinnowMerino- 100% superwash wool
Miracle- 50% alpaca/ 50% tencel
Portland Tweed- 50% virgin wool/ 25% alpaca/ 25% viscose
Renaissance- 100% (feltable) wool
Silky Alpaca Lace- 70% alpaca/ 30% silk
Wool Bam Boo- 50% wool/ 50% bamboo

We have also received these Classic Elite books:
Made in Brooklyn
Saturday Afternoon
Sundsy Brunch

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