Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Yarn Co. #1: WOOL CANDY!!!

Drumroll please.....................

Announcing our mystery vendor: Wool Candy of Santa Clara, CA.

The clues were:
1. Their yarn is delicious.
Hence the name Wool Candy! Delicious and oh so nutritious! You bet they are "Sweet Yarny Treats" just as the tags claim!

2. I discovered them in another state, but they are actually local.
I found them at Sock Summit (See? Aren't you glad I went?) and thought their booth and matching Amy Butler aprons were super cute. When I asked, "So, hey! Where are you gals from?" I nearly fell over when the owner Adrienne said "Santa Clara, California." How can I not carry this yarn when it only involves driving around the corner and loading up my Volvo wagon?

3. Their colors do not pool.
Trust me! They don't! And I am so glad that Adrienne and I share a mutual hatred of pooling!

4. A Knitting VIP recently reviewed this yarn company and thought it was the bees knees (my words, not the VIP's).
Clara Parkes people! Clara Parkes practically knighted Wool Candy with a gold knitting needle in her Knitter's Review article about Sock Summit.

5. We will be the first brick and mortar store to carry this company!
We will hold the official launch for Wool Candy on Thursday, October 8th in conjunction with our 2 Year Anniversary Party! More details on this to come, but get those party dresses pressed!
In the meantime, to give our winners of the contest enough time to come have first dibs on the yarn, we will be putting it out on the floor this Tuesday at 11am!

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Kathy (mydogpetey on Ravelry said...

Thanks again for the yarn and for having the contest! It's lovely!

Maria said...

OMG! I love her yarn, it's so nice to knit with!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

I picked up my yarn yesterday and just love it!! I couldn't resist the sportweight either!! Thank you !