Tuesday, August 25, 2009

'Two Chicks From The Nest Party'...this Saturday night!

Don't miss out this Saturday from 5-7pm. Sydney's been spinning like a fiend and Maria has been cranking out project bags by the dozen! Our 'Two Chicks From The Nest Party' kicks off the careers of our talented gals.

Have you missed seeing the basket of Small Circles yarn in the shop? So have I! I can't wait to see what Sydney has spun up for all of us to ooo and ahh over! Word in the shop is that she's got loads of new yarns in amazing colors.

Wait until you see A Needle Runs Through It's project bags! Available in 3 sizes, the quality cannot be beat. You won't find a stray thread, an unfinished seam, or a poorly sewn in zipper. I have never seen such lovely made bags! Maria's work is proof that good design and attention to detail goes a long way.

Join us Saturday, August 29th from 5-7pm when we have our 'Two Chicks From The Nest' event with cake and champagne reception.
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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! These gals have great stuff. I will be there.