Thursday, July 9, 2009

What is your "Crafting Soundtrack"?

(No, that's not me, but sure looks like me- huh?)

It might surprise you to know what I find most enjoyable to listen to while I craft.  I consider myself to have fairly eclectic taste in music and find most genres enjoyable, but there are a few standouts.  Would you believe I am a huge country music fan?  "The twangier the better" I always say!  I thought of this yesterday as I gladly handed over 50+ clams to the iTunes Genius for recommendations of things I might like which of course led to a lot of "Oh!  That's good!  What about this or that?"  Here are some of my favorite bands and their genres that I listen to while crafting:

The Ditty Bops- You may have heard me play them at the shop.  They are for lack of a better description "a little bit country and a little bit rock n' roll."

The Little Willies- A funny name for a band, but Norah Jones is a member and I think she's pretty's nice to hear her expand her country/ bluegrass/ blues repertoire.  Plus, this kind of music makes me think of driving nails into pieces of wood as a kid while I kept my Dad company in the wood shop.

The Puppini Sisters- Think of modern day "Andrews Sisters"...just fun and quirky!

Amos Lee- Kind of folk-ish, but just great!

Ingrid Michaelson and/or Jason Mraz- Good knitting on the beach or in the backyard music!

They Might Be Giants (late eighties-1992 and before they started doing kid music)- OK, I am calling myself out on this one, but as a high school kid of the 90's this was a great band who combined music with comedy.

The Pogues and/or Flogging Molly- Great Irish punk bands.  Love those Irish boys!  What can I say?  I married a McGee after all!

Oren Lavie- Just a nice calming soundtrack for knitting.  I put this on in the mornings while I make coffee, blog, and knit.

Lily Allen- She's not 'store appropriate' unfortunately, but God love her!  Miss Allen has a bit of potty mouth and expresses her female angst better than most.  I was introduced to her by a fellow LYS owner...she knows who she was all downhill from there.  

These are just a few from my "Crafting Soundtrack"...what are you listening to?

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