Friday, July 31, 2009

Tour de Finish Update

The Tour de France ended last Sunday. How'd you do? I did pretty good although towards the tail end of the race I do admit casting on a sock which I then was not happy with and am now using the Hazel Knits Artisan sock yarn for the Hillflowers scarf by Knitspot. I also cast on a "Knitting with Erin" store project, a scarf for my husband made out of Classic Elite's Ariosa yarn.

Here's what I finished or farmed out:

- Turned one of our samples that I was not pleased with into a neckwarmer. Very pleased with the Jil Eaton superwash yarn it is made of.

- Finished the tank top that I started a couple of months ago up until the point of weaving in the ends. Admittedly, I had Charlotte do the trim on the neckline because I just couldn't seem to conquer it myself.

- Farmed out an "Orangina" top by Stefanie Japel that just needed to be seamed to Charlotte. I knitted the two lace pieces um, I don't know, 3-4 years ago. It looks great and I have worn it twice!

- Finished the Easy Lace Scarf in the Pigeon Roof Studios Siren Lace yarn. Again, Charlotte was kind enough to block it for me.

- Shipped all of the yarn from my first sweater off to Nebraska. When Sydney said she couldn't stand to look at it lying in a heap any longer she painstakingly frogged, washed, and skeined it all back up. Jeni Chase is now the proud owner of 1100-1200 yards of Noro Cash Iroha yarn. I never would wear a sweater that's arms grew by 5" and every time I looked at it I just got mad.

So what, maybe I needed to ride in the Peloton the whole time? Maybe I am a bit like any great rider in realizing that it takes a team effort to achieve the goal? I definitely did not win the race, but I finished...

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