Monday, July 20, 2009

Biography- Sydney

Everyone wants to know who we are and what we do in our spare time. A month or so ago I had the girls put together biographies that were meant to go in the class schedule. What I didn't bank on is the size and how it would have made our class schedule about 10 pages! I have decided instead to post them on our blog! Enjoy!

Name: Sydney
Favorite Colors: Green and Purple
Ravelry Name: "sydney"
When will you find her in the shop?: Sydney is my right-hand gal. You will typically find her in the shop on weekdays and some weekends.

Sydney spent every summer with her grandmother who tried (and failed) to teach Sydney every needle craft on the planet. It wasn't until she spent a college semester in Denmark that Sydney learned how to knit - and knit Continental! She returned to the States where no one had seen this strange knitting style, so she fumbled through every project, learning and creating as she went. 20+ years later, Sydney prefers to knit simple, well constructed patterns, and has just discovered socks. Dangerous! Sydney was gifted a spinning wheel in 2002 and learned to spin. She now spins for Bobbin's Nest (come spin with her on Wednesdays) in addition to spinning for herself.

In her spare time, Sydney sustainably 'farms' three backyards (a total of 2200 square feet), cans and preserves her harvest, takes care of her cats, processes wool into spin-able fiber, makes rugs, dabbles in photography and is attempting to learn to sew. Learning to weave is on her Fall agenda.
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Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm glad to say that I am her mom and very proud of this wonderful and talented daughter of mine!! Mimi